$50 fine for walking dogs off-leash

Asset Management Plan
July 19, 2018
Keep it to 40 km/h signs
August 31, 2018

Due to a number of dog biting occurrences in the Village over the past several months, Village staff members who are appointed as By-law Enforcement Officers will be upholding the requirement in the Animal Control By-law No. 52 that “no owner of an animal shall suffer or permit the animal to run at large” (Sections 3(11)) and 4(14)(d)). As defined in the by-law ‘running at large’ occurs when “an animal is in any place, other than on the property of the owner of the animal, and not secured by a leash which is two (2) metres or less in length and under the control of the owner of the animal”.  Dog owners who are found walking their dog(s) off-leash will be considered in violation of the by-law and will receive a $50 fine.

In addition, dog owners are reminded to purchase their 2018 dog licences immediately if they have not already done so (Section 4(1)), and to clean up after their pets (Section 3(8)). These are also stipulations of the By-law which can result in a $50 fine if violated.

More information about the Village’s Animal Control By-law No. 52 can be found here: https://www.vonm.ca/town-hall/municipal-by-laws/