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Village of New Maryland Council and staff are pleased to announce that the final touch for the ‘new’ New Maryland sign was added earlier this week. Lighting for the sign, which was originally erected in 2013, was installed recently bringing the almost 4-year project to completion.

Mayor Wilson-Shee explained that the project was not an overnight accomplishment and the success of the project is due to many people who helped make it happen. “The project began in 2012 with Council deciding on the type of design that we wanted for the new sign, followed by Mike McDermaid volunteering his services to create the blueprints along with the assistance of Chief Farrell. The Dept. of Transportation gave us permission to erect the sign on their property and in 2013 the prep work for the site, including excavation and back fill, was performed. The tender was awarded to pour the foundation and do the stonework. Following this, the lettering was installed. Last summer the power supply for the lighting was installed, sod was laid, and flowers were planted to beautify the area. The installation of the lights was the final step. We are very appreciative of the efforts of everyone who helped to bring the idea of a new sign for the Village into existence.” said Mayor Wilson-Shee.

Mayor Wilson-Shee added that the total cost for the sign amounted to approximately $34,000. The New Maryland Community Support Group which is a charitable organization contributed $20,000 by securing funds from the annual golf tournaments that they hosted in 2012 and 2013. The New Maryland Community Support Group is a charitable organization whose motto is “Working for the Residents of New Maryland”. The electrical hook-up and light fixture totalled $6,605. The New Maryland Community Support Group also contributed $6,000 toward this portion of the project. Proceeds from the sale of Village calendars in 2014 and the Christmas House Tour was applied toward this total.

Mayor Wilson-Shee stated that she has received many positive comments from Village residents about the sign and she feels that the sign is symbolic of the rural charm for which the community is known. The official unveiling of the new sign is in the planning stages and promotion of the event will appear on the Village’s social media sites and through other media sources.

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