Congratulations to Ben Soke!

May 19, 2021 Regular Meeting of Council
May 18, 2021
Woodlawn Construction Project Phase 2
May 26, 2021

Mayor Wilson-Shee, on behalf of Council and Staff, presented local teen Ben Soke with a Certificate of Achievement during the Council meeting on Wednesday evening.  Ben has recently been recognized for his outstanding talent and skills as a right-handed pitcher/middle infielder with the Fredericton Minor Baseball Association and will be heading to the new Muskoka Outlaws Baseball Academy in Ontario this August.  Muskoka Outlaws Baseball Academy is an elite high school baseball academy that offers a high-performance program to students who display exceptional talent and dedication to hard work.  It offers an environment for dedicated student athletes that are striving to compete at the next level, where they will practice and train five days a week and travel for tournaments, while being held to high academic standards. Ben is a young athlete that has already cultivated a strong reputation for his skills and talents, and also for his commitment to being the best player he can be.  We want to share our congratulations with Ben on his outstanding achievement and wish him every success at the Academy and with his baseball career.