Council Agenda July 19, 2017

15th Annual Golf Tournament
July 14, 2017
Ice Cream Social / Summer Concert Series
July 19, 2017

Current Village Council. Seated from left: Councillor Gisèle McCaie-Burke, Mayor Judy Wilson-Shee, Deputy Mayor Alex Scholten, Standing from left: Councillor Paul LeBlanc, Councillor Tim Scammel, Councillor Mike Pope.

Village of New Maryland Council
19 July 2017
7:30 pm

1. Call to Order

2. Approval of the Agenda

3. Approval of Minutes: Regular Session of Council – June 21st, 2017

4. Disclosure of Interest

5. Presentations

6. Proclamation

7. Correspondence: Cynthia Geldart, CAO/ Clerk

8. Meetings / Special Events: Mayor Judy Wilson-Shee

9. Planning Advisory Committee: Councillor Tim Scammell

10. Emergency Response Plan Committee: No report

11. Project Reports / Updates
(i) Recreation Department Update: Councillor Mike Pope
(ii) Public Works Department Update: Deputy Mayor Alex Scholten
►Motion: Applewood Acres Compressor Building Blower Replacement
(iii) Finance Department Update: Councillor Paul LeBlanc
►Motion: Budget 2018 Guidelines
(iv) Administration Department Motion: Councillor Gisèle McCaie-Burke
►Motion: Asset Management Funding Application
(v) New Maryland Fire Department Quarterly Report: Chief Harry Farrell
►Motion: Adoption of NMFD Report: Councillor Gisèle McCaie-Burke
(vi) Solar Energy Research Ad hoc Committee Motion: Deputy Mayor Alex Scholten
►Motion: Dissolution of Solar Energy Research Ad hoc Committee

12. Approval of the Treasurer’s Report: Councillor Tim Scammell

13. Public Input / Inquiries

14. New Business
(i) Declaration of Becca Schofield Day: Councillor Mike Pope

15. Date, Time and Location of the Next Meeting: Wednesday, 16 August 2017 @ 7:30 pm – Council Chamber

16. Motion for Adjournment