Coyote Sighting in Village

Current Issue
March 1, 2017
Bears in the Village
June 16, 2017

We have been advised of a recent coyote sighting in the Village. The Dept. of Natural Resources has informed that coyotes are a nuisance animal that do not usually pose a threat to people as they are generally shy and like to avoid confrontations with humans. They are looking for food sources, which can include small animals and garbage cans, so keeping pets inside and making garbage cans inaccessible will help keep them away.

Prevention is the best tool to minimize conflicts with coyotes and other wildlife. Follow these management strategies around your property and encourage your neighbours to do the same:

  • never feed coyotes;
  • do not give coyotes access to garbage. Garbage should be secured in sealed containers with locking lids;
  • keep pets indoors. Never let pets roam at large;
  • feed dogs and cats indoors and keep pet food indoors;
  • prevent access to fruit and compost. Pick fruit as soon as it ripens. Keep compost in containers that keep coyotes out while allowing for ventilation. Do not compost meat scraps;
  • do not leave any type of food outdoors; and
  • close off spaces under porches, decks and sheds.

More information about how to avoid contact with coyotes and how to handle coyote problems is available on the DNR website: