The Village of New Maryland is governed by a Council consisting of a Mayor and five Village Councillors, elected at large.

The Mayor and Councillors serve for a four-year term. The date for the municipal elections are set by the Province of New Brunswick. They are usually held on the second Monday in May, the most recent municipal elections were in May, 2016.

Judy E. Wilson-Shee, Mayor
49 Crown Avenue New Maryland, NB   E3C 1E1
(506) 459-3535
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Alex Scholten, Deputy Mayor
67 Loddington Street New Maryland, NB E3C 2S3
(506) 455-1081
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Paul E. LeBlanc, Councillor
85 Berkley Drive New Maryland, NB   E3C 1C4 
(506) 459-3221
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Gisèle McCaie-Burke, Councillor
118 Shaw Lane New Maryland, NB   E3C 1J1 
(506) 457-2909
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Mike Pope, Councillor
232 Atkinson Lane New Maryland, NB   E3C 1J6

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Tim Scammell, Councillor
157 Phillips Drive New Maryland, NB   E3C 1E7
(506) 454-1659
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