Proper Disposal of Ashes

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January 3, 2018
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January 11, 2018

In accordance with the Village’s Garbage By-law No. 59, ashes from woodstoves and fireplaces will not be collected with garbage and must be disposed of by the homeowner in a responsible and safe manner and at their own expense. Additionally, ashes are a fire hazard and FERO will not collect them.

The correct way to dispose of ashes is to collect them in a metal can after they have cooled down, wet them down with snow or water, and leave them outside away from the house and other combustibles. DO NOT leave the can of ashes in a garage, in a shed, or on a deck. This can create a potential fire risk. Leave the can outside for a week or more and once the ashes have completely cooled, they can be used in the garden in spring as fertilizer.

If you have questions regarding other fire-related matters, please contact Fire Chief Farrell at 450-8711 or call the Village office at 451-8508.