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PRESENTATION – At Formal Council February 19, 2014 Steve Nicoll, former Recreation & Leisure Services Committee member was presented with a gift in recognition of his seven years as a volunteer committee member.  Steve Nicoll was instrumental in reinvigorating the New Maryland Soccer Program in 2006.  Steve served as President of the Soccer Club until 2012, and continues to work behind the scenes in an advisory capacity. Shortly after becoming involved with the soccer program, Steve joined the Recreation & Leisure Services Committee in   2007 and was an active, engaged member for six years, retiring from the committee at the end of 2013.  Steve was a faithful committee member who always brought a thoughtful and balanced approach to committee discussions.  The New Maryland Soccer Program continues to thrive and grow thanks to Steve’s leadership over the years.  The club has represented the Village in several communities throughout the Maritimes and hundreds of New Maryland children have participated in the program over the years. We thank Steve for his dedication to the Village of New Maryland and particularly his contributions to the Recreation & Leisure Services Committee over the past seven years. His loyalty, enthusiasm and contributions to the Village of New Maryland and ongoing volunteer efforts are to be commended.

GO CANADA GO – The attractive Olympic Display that has been erected on the side hill just before entering our Village has promoted the Olympic spirit not only in our community but also to motorists passing by.  A lot of effort and time was committed to this project.  Our local resident, Harry Libbey spearheaded this display.  Staff at MRDC are to be recognized for their cooperation by giving us permission to display the signage.  We are very proud of our athletes who were able to bring home 10 gold, 10 silver and 5 bronze medals!

Way to go Canada!

ROGERS CABLE -We would like to inform our residents that Formal Council which is held on the third Wednesday of the month in Council Chamber is videotaped by Rogers TV. If you are unable to make it in person to our Council meetings you can watch the session on Rogers Cable, Channel 10 the following Thursday at 9:00pm.

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