Walking Trails

2021 Boardwalk Replacement

The New Maryland Nature Trails (behind the New Maryland Centre) are a popular destination for walking, snowshoeing, bird watching, rock lovers, and nature enthusiasts.  A 151 metre length of  boardwalk in Cameron’s Loop was recently removed and replaced with 115 metres of crusher dust and 36 metres of elevated boardwalk.  Click here to see more information and pictures.

We are very fortunate to have a network of walking trails located behind the New Maryland Centre (754 New Maryland Highway). The trail system has three unique sections: Fletcher’s Walk, Charter’s Way and Cameron’s Loop. A uniquely designed 42 foot span suspension bridge is also an unexpected but awe-inspiring sight. The trails are enjoyed by many residents for walking, nature hikes, snow shoeing, and bird watching. The trail system was developed as a result of hundreds of hours of volunteer work, and donations from organizations, individuals, and families.

For more information, please contact the Recreation department.

You can view a map of the trail network by clicking here.

Click here for more details on the Village’s plans for future trails and bikeways routes.