Proposed By-Laws

Public Hearing Package re: Requested Zoning By-law Amendment 04-01-2024

Requested Zoning By-law Amendment No. 04-01-2024 – 7 Atkinson Lane 


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Disclaimer: This electronic version is an unofficial consolidation and is provided for convenience only. It has no legislative sanction. It may not, in all respects, be consistent with the paper version published by the Village Clerk. For the official version of by-laws, reference must be made to the paper version held in the Village Clerk’s Office. The electronic version is updated on a regular basis, regardless of the date at the end of the document.

Select the Municipal By-Law you wish to read from the list found below.

1) Planning Advisory Committee By-law No. 01-2021

3) Municipal Plan By-Law 03-2019 and Future Land Use Map

4) Zoning By-law 04-2019 and Zoning Map (Consolidated January 2024)

6) Building By-law – No. 06-2022

7) Subdivision By-law – No. 07-2020

10) Emergency Measures Response Plan By-law

11) Remuneration of Council Members of the Village of New Maryland By-law No. 11

12) Composition of Council By-law No. 12

13) Code of Conduct for Elected Officials By-law 13

20) New Maryland Fire Department By-Law

22) Provision of Police Protection Service By-law

40) A By-law Respecting Water Rates and Sewer Rentals – No. 40-2020

41) Discharge of Water and Wastewater into Drains, Storm and Sanitary Sewer Systems

42) Water and Sewer Systems

43) Water Conservation – Repealed

44) Geothermal Heat Pumps By-Law

49) Bonding of Officers and Employees

50) Procedural By-law of Council

51) Appointment of By-law Enforcement Officers

52) Animal Control

52a) Animal Control Amendment

55) Control and Prohibition of Noises

57) Dangerous or Unsightly Premises

58) A By-law Respecting Fireworks – No. 58-2020

59) A By-law to Regulate the Collection and Disposal of Garbage and Other Material – No. 59-2020

61) Driveway Culverts

62) Use of Streets, Sidewalks & Boulevards

63) Regulate Traffic & Parking

71) Respecting Parklands

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As well, the Village has policies relating to: Donations, Concrete Curb Cuts, Appraisals, Procedures and Protocol for the Planning Advisory Committee, as well as Ditches, Culverts and Headwalls.