Emergency Response Plan Committee


The mandate of the committee is to advise Council on the preparation and implementation of Emergency Response planning, activities and training.

The Village of New Maryland has a detailed Emergency Response Plan and an Emergency Operations Centre (normally functioning as the Council Chamber) which is located at the Village Office, 584 New Maryland Highway.

The Committee meets regularly and routinely exercises its plan. Some of the other activities of the Committee include:

  • Contingency planning for high risk hazards and /or emergency situations which have been identified by the committee
  • Regular updating and review of the Emergency Response Plan
  • Pre-identifying evacuation and reception centres and entering into signed agreements with the building owners
  • Conducting training and exercises designed to test the Emergency Response Plan
  • Involvement with Provincial agencies and other municipalities for planning & initiating a mutual response agreement with the City of Fredericton and the Town of Oromocto.

The responsibilities of this committee include:

  • develop contingency plans for high risk hazards and/or emergency situations as identified by the committee;
  • review and update of the Emergency Response Plan as adopted by Council;
  • liaise with provincial agencies and other municipalities to support planning and training;
  • review and update of mutual aid agreements with other municipalities and agencies;
  • review and provide Council with recommendations for the Emergency Response Plan Committee operating and capital budgets;
  • implement the Emergency Response Plan in accordance with By‐law No. 10: A By‐law of the Village of New Maryland Respecting the Establishment and Implementation of an Emergency Response Plan; and
  • review and implement the goals identified in the Village’s Strategic Plan.


The members of the committee shall consist of designated members of staff, ten (10) agencies and the EOC Director, as follows:

  • Staff members: CAO/Clerk (as Chairperson), Fire Chief (as Vice‐Chairperson), Assistant Clerk, Public Works Supervisor, and Building Inspector/Development Officer (or their designates as appointed by the CAO/Clerk);
  • Agencies: RCMP, Canadian Red Cross, Fredericton Amateur Radio Club, York Sunbury Ground Search and Rescue, Ambulance NB, Horizon Health Network, Anglophone West School District, Faith Baptist Church, New Maryland Lions Club, Parish of New Maryland Zoomers; and
  • EOC Director: The EOC Director shall be a resident or a representative from a participating agency.

The Village of New Maryland Council by resolution a) shall appoint agency members to serve on the Emergency Response Plan Committee, including the EOC Director; b) shall designate the Chairperson and Vice‐Chairperson; c) may remove any member at any time.

Meeting Schedule

The committee will host four (4) meetings per year in February, May, September and November from 2:00pm to 4:00pm unless otherwise notified by the Committee Chairperson via the committee secretary; or unless the day of the schedule meeting is a statutory holiday, in which event it will be re‐scheduled at the discretion of the Chairperson.

Committee Members

The Mayor (as ex-officio)

Village Residents and Community Agency Representatives: Al Thurber and Cory Allen (Fredericton Amateur Radio Club); Tom Hanley and Sandy Craft (Canadian Red Cross); Eric Ferguson and Jenn Woodside (York Sunbury Ground Search and Rescue); Judy Ingram and Gary Love (PNM Zoomers); RCMP representative; Curtis McIntyre (Ambulance NB); Pastor Larry Matthews (Alert Program/Faith Baptist Church); Mark Manderson (Anglophone West School District); Pius Organ and Phil Robinson (New Maryland Lions Club); Dennis Doherty (Horizon Health Network).

Village Staff: Cynthia Geldart, CAO/Clerk (Chairperson); Harry Farrell, Fire Chief (Vice-Chairperson); Assistant Clerk; Rockland Miller, Public Works Supervisor; Rob Pero, Building Inspector/Development Officer.