Emergencies often strike quickly and without warning. The best way to cope is to be prepared. The Province of New Brunswick’s Emergency Measures Act stipulates that each municipality must be prepared to handle emergencies. The Village of New Maryland has acted on this responsibility to prepare the community to respond to and recover from disastrous events with the establishment of the Emergency Response Plan Committee.

Listed below are some recommended resources about Emergency Planning which you may be interested in for further information:

You can download and read the Widespread Health Emergency Operation Plan which the Village of New Maryland Council approved in 2015. We have also added a Planning Checklist, which you will find useful.

Other pandemic influenza resources can be found here:

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New Maryland Emergency Alerts: Are you in?

Register for New Maryland Emergency Alerts!

For more information about New Maryland Emergency Alerts, click here.

New Maryland Emergency Alerts Assistance – Are you registered?  

  • Are you a Village of New Maryland resident who is frail or housebound, has a mobility, vision, or hearing impairment, or has a serious medical condition that makes you medically fragile?

  • Do you feel that you would require special care such as evacuation assistance or help getting special medical attention during, or after, an emergency?

If you answered yes to these questions, you may want to register for New Maryland Emergency Alerts Assistance.  To find out more about this program and if you qualify to register, please click here for information about New Maryland Emergency Alerts Assistance.

If you qualify, click here if you want to register for New Maryland Emergency Alerts Assistance. You will need to print the form, and complete it manually.  You can mail it or drop it off at the Village of New Maryland Office, 584 New Maryland Highway, New Maryland, NB, E3C 1K1.  Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, with the exception of holidays.  For your convenience, there is also a ‘mail drop slot’ to the left of the front door of the Village office.

 If you have questions about the Sentinel Emergency Alerts Assistance registry, please contact the Village Office at 451-8508, or Pastor Larry Matthews at Faith Baptist Church at 459-8756.