Harry Farrell was appointed by Village Council as the Village of New Maryland Fire Chief in May 2001. The Fire Chief’s role and responsibilities are to oversee and manage the overall operation of the Fire Department, be it administrative, planning, budgeting, recruitment, training and directing all of the Volunteer Fire Fighters. Acting as a key staff person to the Transportation and Protective Services Committee and to the Emergency Response Plan Committee, the Fire Chief also provides ongoing advice and expertise in the areas of fire protection, prevention and enforcement.


To assist Council in meeting their responsibilities with the respect to Fire in saving lives and protecting property by means of fire suppression, fire prevention, code enforcement, and public education.

Number of volunteer fire fighters: 22

Is your home safe from wildfire?

The “Making Your Home FIRESMART” pamphlet from the Dept. of Natural Resources can be found here.


Smoke Detector Recalls

Kidde recalls thousands of Dual-Sensor (Photoelectric and Ionization) Smoke Alarms. For more information, click here: smoke detector recall





Fire Chief Harry Farrell and the members of the New Maryland Fire Department wish to thank the community for its support of the Fire Department’s Open House.