Cynthia Geldart was appointed by Village Council as New Maryland’s Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)/Clerk in 2007.

The CAO/Clerk is a dual role with the responsibilities of CAO established by Council and the statutory requirements of the Clerk role set out in the Local Governance Act. As CAO, Cynthia is responsible for the overall administration of the Village of New Maryland in accordance with the policies and directives of Council. With a team of 17 skilled staff members, the CAO manages the day-to-day operations of the municipality, ensures quality in the delivery of programs and services to residents, and leads the creation of a positive and highly-engaged work environment. As Clerk, Cynthia is responsible for supporting Council meetings, providing advice and expertise to Council, and performing liaison functions and other duties specified in legislation or by Council.

Chief Administration Officer/Clerk: Cynthia Geldart
Assistant Clerk