Have you registered for Voyent Alert?

Additional Day Camp – Week Zero!
May 28, 2024
The Canadian Red Cross is offering free webinars in June
June 4, 2024

DID YOU KNOW you can receive communications (texts, email or phone calls) directly from the Village of New Maryland?

Receive information about emergencies, critical events, public works notices, road closures, snow removal, street cleaning, water restrictions, and upcoming events via Voyent Alert!

You will only ever receive a notification if it is relevant to a location or a specific topic you have selected. To identify which topics you would like to subscribe to, visit the “My Topics” menu on your Voyent Alert! Account.

Register for free and anonymously here: https://voyent-alert.com/community/ or download the VOYANT ALERT app for IOS or Android!

Have questions? Call the Village office at 506-451-8508 staff would be happy to help. ALH