June 11, 2021

Mayor Wilson-Shee Got Her Shot!

Congratulations to Mayor Wilson-Shee for getting her Covid Vaccination Shot!
June 10, 2021

Village Council Members Are Doing Their Part to Put an End to Covid-19

Our Village members of Council are getting vaccinated for COVID-19 and encouraging village residents and all New Brunswickers to do the same!
June 10, 2021

Crosswalk Safety Rules

Summer is here and children are walking and biking throughout the Village, so we’d like to remind everyone of the importance of proper use of the
June 4, 2021

Woodlawn Construction Project

The Woodlawn project will begin construction next week.  They have moved some equipment to the site and may dig some test holes today. LMS
June 4, 2021

Water Main Flushing Completed

Water main flushing has been completed in the Village.  We appreciate your patience and understanding during this important process. LMS  
June 3, 2021

Honouring Our High School Graduates

With the ongoing pandemic impacting so many of our celebratory events again this year, the Village would like to honour our 2021 High School graduates with
June 2, 2021

Ministerial Approval and Registry – PAC By-law # 01-2021

The purpose of the amendments to the PAC By-law were to harmonize it with recent edits to the NB Community Planning Act, consolidate previous by-law amendments,
June 2, 2021

Career Opportunity

The Village is currently hiring for the position of our Public Works Transportation Supervisor.  We are looking for a dedicated, innovative and results-orientated individual to join
May 28, 2021

Speeding in the Village

Speeding continues to be a topic of conversation among our residents. Staff of the Public Works Department have placed seven speed radars at various locations throughout